How to increase penis growth

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At some point every healthy man thinks about how the penis fits within the accepted framework, whether it is possible to change the real situation. They are not aware of the seriousness of this problem. Against this background, representatives of the stronger sex develop self-doubt, various complexes and a sense of failure. The size of the penis affects his self-esteem, it can be corrected by following the accepted recommendations.

Classification of channels

How to increase the growth of a member at home alone, without resorting to the services of a specialist? Experts point out the following classification of ways to speed up penile growth:

  • Stimulation of blood flow - massage, regular exercise, running in place, well-known Kegel exercises;
  • Ways to stretch tissue - wear modern expander, use powerful weights, acupressure, circular exercises for sexual growth of penis, another way to increase it is to stretch the frenum;
  • Combined methods - this includes rubbing with the usual baking soda, homemade jelqing, light massage.

The most effective surgical method to increase penile growth is the surgical method - an operation to change the size of the virility is performed in several ways:

  1. Growth with ligamentotomy;
  2. Thickness of lipofilling;
  3. ways to enlarge penis
  4. The enlargement of the penis occurs by the introduction of silicone implants;
  5. It is possible to enlarge the penis by implanting special balls;
  6. Penis growth by silicone injection.

Methods to stimulate blood circulation

The most effective are the safe means of penis enlargement: vacuum pumps, regular massage. The following qualities are noted as the advantages of this method:

  • The measures help prevent congestion by increasing blood circulation in the penile area;
  • General potency increase. These methods allow you to prolong erection in men who have previously experienced problems with male potency;
  • Increased susceptibility.

Warning!Excessive stimulation of blood flow can cause pain, bruising, darkening of the skin and bruising.

Methods of stretching fabrics

Another method of penis enlargement is to wear a modern extender, using special exercises, manual stretching of the penis frenum.

Manual penis enlargement by stretching tissue has the following advantages:

  1. Stretching in stages reduces the risk of serious injury. But you should not overdo the method, because as a result of this the male erection is reduced, small cracks appear on the skin;
  2. An effective tool that reduces the cost of various creams, natural gels, ointments effective for penis growth, it is a gradual and measured way, it is impossible to accelerate the growth of the penis, because it is heavy withthe opposite effect;
  3. penis enlargement exercises
  4. Accessibility - a simple and inexpensive method of penis growth, can be used in all conditions.

As with other methods of stretching tissue, many people use an expander - a special device for growing the penis. Now the pump, belt, vacuum adhesive have been developed. Among all these models, the most popular is the vacuum extension, the essence of which is the suction of the glans penis with a special fixator, after which the penis is pulled in the opposite direction by the guide rods.

Combined methods

The combined techniques do not require special investments, the only thing is that it will take patience and time for it, and the result will not be long in coming. The advantage of this technique is that it can be applied immediately before intercourse. Despite this, these methods have many drawbacks and side effects. Their use has an immediate effect, but abuse can cause complete erectile dysfunction.

Folk recipes

Among the homemade methods of penis growth, it is worth noting magical methods, safe recipes with a good effect:

  • Finely chopped, infused with alcohol for 10 days, garlic, or rather, its infusion is taken in 10 drops for 3 months;
  • It is also advisable to rub a safe infusion of dried ginseng, fragrant hawthorn, invigorating ginkgo leaves into the penis for growth;
  • Brewed thyme is drunk for penile growth for 4 months in the morning and evening;
  • Dried and selected wormwood seeds are poured with cold water, boiled, chilled and decanted, eaten morning and evening;
  • Milk, chopped asparagus and natural butter with the addition of seeds of carrots and turnips, the resulting mixed mass is sent to the fire for complete thickening.

These are the easiest and safest ways to increase the rate of penile growth used by traditional healers.

Methods to avoid

Some techniques should not be used as they may have the opposite effect. Therefore, by studying the articles on the topic "Safe Penis Lengthening", it is possible to protect yourself from unwanted methods. Experts advise against using hormonal pills to enlarge the penis, despite the mass of positive effects, due to the high content of hormones, which can negatively affect the overall hormonal background.

Important!Medicines containing hormones put some strain on the liver and kidneys. Their uncontrolled use can become a serious cause of dysfunction in the work of these organs.

It is also not recommended to use objects hanging from the penis for this purpose. After this method, the penis becomes thinner, while erectile function is lost. By hanging weights on the penis there is a risk of excessive stretching, tissue rupture.

Contraindications and precautions

Men who seek to solve a problem in this way must remember that the misuse of one method or another can be harmful to fragile health.

Not all the means announced have a real effect, this point must also be taken into account. The individual characteristics of each organism are much more important than advertising. At the same time, it is important to know that what is right for one person may not be right for another.

When choosing a method of penis enlargement, man is advised to give preference to safe methods which are not capable of causing harm to health. When implementing it, carefully monitor the reactions of the body. If you are not feeling well, it is better to abandon the method used. In addition, it is not necessary to carry out regular manipulations, consume medicinal infusions and decoctions, if the expected effect is absent.