How to enlarge the penis with remedies and folk methods: penis enlargement without drugs

Penis size is a touchy subject that worries almost all men. Modern medicine offers the use of various drugs for men who want to increase the size of their penis.

In addition, you can increase the size of the penis using folk remedies at home. The problem is solved in various ways, for example, by using ointments, herbs or massages.


penis enlargement massage

You can enlarge the penis in a natural way - self-massage. The procedure has two stages:

  • preperation
  • massage.

To prepare the penis for a productive procedure, a small piece of soft tissue must be removed. The flap should be placed in lukewarm water and squeezed lightly.

The penis is wrapped in tissue, which improves blood circulation. The tissue is in this state for about three minutes, then everything needs to be repeated. Then you need to wipe the organ, and the preparation for the main actions is finished.

After the procedure, there are two results:

  1. blood flow is adjusted,
  2. the warming up of the skin is finished.

You can perform the massage, which is carried out while sitting or lying down. You should grasp the head of the penis, but not very hard so as not to feel pain.

The next step is to pull the head towards itself until you feel discomfort. It is in this position that you should stay for about 5 minutes.

It is necessary to return to the starting position, massaging the penis to improve blood circulation. The exercise should be repeated without changing the side to which you are pulling the penis.

In addition, the method involves fixation for about minutes. Then you need to come back to the starting position and gently squeeze the penis ten times. This type of masturbation for penis enlargement is very popular and effective.

You should perform these exercises carefully, without stress, without causing discomfort. After four months of active training, you can achieve tangible results.

Phyto drinks

This is the most popular method of penis enlargement, which is based on the use of herbal decoctions. It is easy to use this penis enlargement method at home.

The most common herbs for dealing with potency issues are:

  • tribullus,
  • hawthorn,
  • Korean ginseng.

Specialized doctors treat these traditional methods with a certain suspicion, because an irresponsible attitude in this regard leads to a deterioration of human health.

The only remedy approved by traditional medicine is a vacuum penis extender. It is a safe device that allows penis enlargement without surgery.

Herbs That Improve Erections

It is safe and fast to increase the blood supply to the male penis by using herbal remedies. The most popular herbal remedies for improving erection are:

  • ginkgo biloba tincture,
  • ginseng,
  • hawthorn fruit.
celery root for penis enlargement

If it is necessary to prolong sexual intercourse, then it is useful to use such a remedy as an infusion of wild oats.

You should include cilantro and fresh parsley in your diet, as well as celeriac. Thus, the man's penis will always be ready for intercourse.

There is an effective recipe for penis enlargement offered by traditional medicine. You need to take 100 g of thyme, chop it, pour a glass of hot water and cool. Drink twice after meals.

Another recipe is useful for all systems and organs of a man. It is a tincture of garlic. It does not need to be prepared at home, it is sold in pharmacies.

Medicinal lungwort can be added to vegetable salads by making an infusion. To do this, pour 10 g of dry grass with 200 ml of boiling water, filter after an hour and take a large spoon 3 times a day.

In order for an erection to be persistent and sexual intercourse to be prolonged, it is necessary to consume nuts with honey in equal amounts, at least for a year. Traditional medicine suggests eating a mixture of one tablespoon several times a day.

Another method of improving the tone of the body and the intimate health of a man is special exercises. For high sexual activity, it is important to regularly expose the body to physical activity, for example:

  1. to go for a walk,
  2. do exercises,
  3. Course.

Such methods will disperse the blood in the human body, forcing it to circulate in the small pelvis. As a result, the function of ureters and bladder will be improved, which will have a positive effect on erection.

Bathing procedures are also used to enhance a man's sexual abilities and potency. The method improves blood circulation, the body is cleansed, and health improves.

Other folk methods

smoking as the cause of a small penis how to increase

Many men believe that an increase in erection occurred after quitting smoking. This is true because nicotine destroys testosterone, the hormone responsible for the functioning of the penis.

You should limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages because alcohol decreases the production of male hormones. You don't have to give them up completely, but you should clearly know the measurement of the consumption of whiskey, brandy, vodka and beer.

To improve blood flow to the penis, you can also take contrast baths before bed. You need to immerse yourself in hot water with a temperature of about 40 degrees, and after a minute immerse in a container with cool water at 20 degrees for a minute. The procedure is repeated several times.

To strengthen the erection in a short time, make a cold compress. Wrap about 500g of crushed ice in several layers of gauze. Then apply this package to the parts of the body in strict order:

  1. base of the skull,
  2. ribs in the region of the heart,
  3. scrotum.

It takes about a minute or two to hold the gauze on each area. This procedure only takes about 15 minutes. In this safe way, you can achieve significant improvement in the condition of the penis.

Now it is known in what ways you can increase the penis at home using folk remedies. Using the listed funds, men achieve great results.