Is it possible to enlarge the penis at home

If your loved one is still struggling with teenage complexes about the size of their dignity, be sure to show them our materials. Attempts to enlarge the penis at home usually do not end well, alas.

measuring the penis before enlargement using the example of a banana

To tell you the truth, men worry more about their penis size than their partners. According to statistics, 85% of women are quite satisfied with the dignity of their loved one, while 45% of representatives of the strong half of humanity consider him small. At the same time, according to statistics, the average length of the penis is 12. 9 cm in erection and 8. 8 cm at rest. In the vast majority of cases, a man's penis size is completely normal or even slightly larger than normal. Micropenis (less than 6. 5 cm in erection) are quite rare and usually form as a result of serious hormonal or other disturbances in the body. Statistically, the risk of falling into this category is extremely low. It is proven that the smallest penises are found in North Koreans and the largest in Congo.

"The increase in the size of the genitals occurs during puberty under the influence of the male hormone - testosterone", explains sex therapist Androlo. - It is a natural physiological process. No amount of exercise and manipulation can have the same effect. Of course, it is possible to stretch the penis, but sooner or later it will lead to deterioration or loss of its function. "

Here are the most popular techniques that promise to enlarge the penis by at least 2-3cm.


Most of the movements of such a massage resemble a list of manual techniques from a women's manual on the topic "The best manual techniques of an experienced lover". Various rubbing, gripping, stretching - all of this is aimed at developing ligaments, which are believed to help increase the length of the penis, as well as restore blood flow if it is impaired for some reason.

What is the bottom line. The most favorable result of such a massage is an erection and subsequent ejaculation. And in the long run - figure out which techniques give a man the most pleasure. But it often happens in another way. . . Without calculating the force of pressure or friction, a man injures the delicate skin of the penis, especially if he forgets to use lubricants.

Using an extender

This design is placed on the head of the penis, and the base abuts its base and the pubic bone. The tension of the extender can be changed, gradually stretching the penis. You must wear this device regularly several times a day for 1. 5 hours for at least several months! Otherwise, the extender manufacturers cannot guarantee the effect.

What is the bottom line. It is hard to imagine a man who wants to devote 4. 5 hours of his time to such "entertainment", which, moreover, are quite painful. And the side effects of this technique are numerous: bruises and bruises, circulatory disorders, rupture of internal tissues.

Vacuum pump

This device looks like a pump and works on the same principle. The penis, which is inserted into a vacuum pump, is pressurized with air, which increases blood flow. Due to this, the cavernous bodies dilate and the penis increases in size. This effect does not last long, so it is recommended to use the device just before the act of love.

What is the bottom line. A vacuum pump is the only device that can help you in any way. For example, it can, in principle, be used with an incomplete erection. But do not count on an increase in the penis.

Gels and creams

They are applied directly to the penis and are recommended to be combined with massage techniques. In addition, these funds promise completely unrealistic results - an increase in the penis several times.

What is the bottom line. If a man believes in fairy tales, then the placebo effect is quite possible. But in general, any means for external use can increase the duration of sexual intercourse, increase sensitivity, and not more…. Also, when you apply anything to such a delicate organ, you need to make sure that the product is safe. Otherwise, irritation of the skin of the penis cannot be avoided.

"Many men, even knowing that their penis size is in the normal range, would like to add a few centimeters", summarizes the doctor. "But few of them realize that it won't make them more attractive to women. The most sensitive areas for women are located on the outside - these are the clitoris, labia, entrance to the vagina, breasts, and the entire surface of the body as a whole. And the vagina itself is virtually devoid of nerve endings. Therefore, a large penis can give a woman more discomfort than pleasure. But if, according to the indications, penis enlargement is necessary, then it can only be done by surgery and (or) taking hormonal drugs. "