Is a vacuum pump effective for a man's penis?

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Questions about how to painlessly and effectively enlarge the penis have worried men for a long time. Today there are many techniques and devices for this, but the best results are obtained with plastic surgery. With the help of surgery, you can add 4-6 cm in length, as well as a few inches in width. But not all men are ready to take such drastic measures.

The penis pump is widely used - a special device, according to the assurances of the manufacturer, pumping also helps to increase the size of the penis. But an important condition for achieving such results is knowledge of how such a tool works, its correct use, the existence of contraindications and health risks. Moreover, not all men know whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with a pump.

What is a vacuum pump used for?

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Almost 99% of men are concerned about the correctness of the shape and external structure of their penis, as well as the sufficiency of its length and width to satisfy a woman. Recent observations and surveys have confirmed that most men would like to enlarge their penises, and few of them are ready to decide on surgical enlargement. Therefore, experts have developed a conservative and no less effective method - pumping the penis.

To understand how timely the use of a pump to increase the size of the penis is, you need to familiarize yourself with the mechanism and principle of operation of such a device and its device. Experts carried out repeated observations and tests of the pump, each time confirming the effectiveness of its use.

For reference!There are even medical indications for the use of a vacuum pump - after surgery on the prostate in order to further maintain the length of the penis, as well as to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

The main question is: does the pump enlarge the penis?

To understand how effective a penis pump is, you need to know how it works. For men, such a device works by the method of negative pressure, it is formed in a special vial, where the man will have to place his genital organ. For greater precision, the manufacturers recall the anatomical features of the structure of the penis:

  • the spongy body and two cavernous bodies, filled with vessels from the inside, are responsible for the enlargement of the penis;
  • in the process of the appearance of an erection, the body under the blood filling increases and stretches in size, thereby increasing the penis itself.

The work of the device first lowers the pressure in the corpora cavernosa, which means that the laws of physics allow a rapid flow of blood from places with high pressure to opposite places (corpora cavernosa in this case). Systematic use of the pump will strengthen erectile function, increase the elasticity and extensibility of the cavernous and spongy bodies of the penis, thereby increasing its size.

Also, in order to assess the feasibility of using the pump and understand how the penis will change after the pump, it is worth familiarizing yourself with other useful properties of its use. The advantages of a pump are:

  • increased blood flow to the vessels of the genital organ helps to obtain a greater volume of oxygen, which prevents the development of fibrous growths, erectile dysfunction;
  • in addition to the prevention of erectile dysfunction, the use of the device helps to eliminate the concomitant symptoms - anxiety, depression, fears;
  • improves blood flow in the genital area;
  • prevention of surgical interventions on the organs of the genitourinary system;
  • prevention of diabetes mellitus.

Experts note the positive effect of the systematic use of the pump on a man's libido and potency. From how the pump can increase blood flow, it becomes clear that the penis infatuation will be short-lived at first, but the results will last over time.

What does a pump look like?

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It is possible to assess the advantages of using the device not only on the basis of the principle of operation and knowledge of the results, which ensures the systematic use of the pump. It is also important to take into account its structure and the elements and parts of which the pump is made. A classic vacuum pump consists of several elements:

  • transparent plastic bottle;
  • a pressure pump and a bulb on the ball;
  • latex seal to create a vacuum.

Photo of the penis pump:

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The maximum benefit from the use of such an aggregate will be obtained if the penis is inserted into the vial, pressing it as tightly as possible against the body. In addition, the complete pump assembly involves:

  • the bottle and its O-ring for the introduction of the penis inside;
  • air valve for safe use;
  • manometer regulating the pressure inside the balloon;
  • a pear that regulates the air flow;
  • little pipe.

Before you start using such a device, it is important to carefully study the instructions and all the details of its operation. Do not give the device for sampling to others, as the device is a personal tool.

Choose the right one

After it became clear that with the help of a pump, you can not only enlarge the penis, but also prevent erection problems and stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, the question arises as to whetherwhere to buy a pump, what is its price, how to choose the right device. You can find a vacuum pump in the pharmacy department, you don't need a prescription from a specialist doctor to buy it.

For reference!In order to independently increase the penis with a pump at home without harming his health, a man must necessarily consult a urologist beforehand, having received his approval for the use of the device.

The best are considered to be pumps equipped with additional safety valves, which guarantee a reduction in the risk of injury and damage to the genitals.

Using a pump with such a valve will ensure that the penis remains safely in the vial under the influence of pressure. Only a healthcare practitioner can tell you the best make and model for your pump.

How to use a penis enlargement pump?

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In order for the use of a vacuum pump for the penis to bring the expected effect without danger and risk, it is necessary to strictly follow the algorithm of use, which involves instructions for use. Before starting the procedure, the device should be washed with soap for disinfection, and you do not need to pour boiling water on the pump.

Thus, the pump usage algorithm includes the following steps:

  • The base of the device should be lubricated with any lubricant to ensure glide. In this case, do not use grease that is too fatty because it will not allow the formation of vacuum.
  • The penis should be placed at the base of the device, pressing it against the scrotum. But before that, you need to apply a special cream to the skin of the penis, which increases blood circulation.
  • Air is pumped out of the pump, which will cause the pressure in the penile area to drop, which means a rapid rush of blood.
  • The vacuum should be held in the left hand, and the air should be gradually pumped with the right using a bulb.
  • If there is a safety valve, the hole in the balloon is closed with it. Otherwise, cover the hole with your hand.
  • Once the penis has started to erect and redness is noticeable, after 30 seconds the valve should be opened to let the air blow out a little.
  • The whole procedure should not last more than 20 minutes; occasionally, a short erection may occur (up to 20 times).

For a man to pump his penis using a pump, it can be used 1 time in 2 days. In this case, the first two weeks the device can be used for 30 seconds a few hours before bedtime. In the future, the duration of interventions may be doubled; between each minute of exposure, it is necessary to leave 2 minutes of rest.

For reference!If, after using the vial after the end of the procedure, the erection immediately weakens, experts advise to resort to an erection ring.

Precautionary measures

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Without a doubt, after the above information, you can be sure that it is quite possible to enlarge the penis with a pump. But it is also important to take into account that the device is not ideal, it has its drawbacks.

The use of a pump is contraindicated in the following categories of people:

  • with urethritis and other diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • with pathologies of the foreskin;
  • if there is a predisposition to blood clots;
  • with pathologies of the kidneys or liver;
  • history of diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the vascular and circulatory system.

If it is not used correctly or if there is no consultation with a urologist, the following damage is possible from the pump:

  • the appearance of red or purple spots on the skin of the penis in case of capillary rupture and bleeding;
  • excessive use of the device will reduce the sensitivity of the penis, cause dry skin and discomfort;
  • improper use can cause pain and injury to the penis;
  • Irrational use of the device may lead to a decrease in the force of sperm ejection, which reduces the possibility of conceiving a child.

In addition, there are risks of negative effect of the device on erectile function if you do not follow an erection. Therefore, it is important to consult a urologist before starting the procedure.

Reviews of owners and doctors

man is satisfied with using the pump for penis enlargement

Not always the prestige of a particular product and the advertisement speaks of its real effectiveness. As for the pump to increase the size of the penis, you can assess its benefits according to the opinions of men and specialists. To do this, there are many forums and resources on the Internet where personal examples of the use of the device are considered, there are even photographs and tables with before and after dimensions.

Some reviews of men say that the pump helps to increase the length of the penis not much better, but its thickness under a large influx of blood. There are also those men who strictly followed the instructions, they note excellent results - up to 2-3 cm in length and slightly less in width. Medical specialists approve the use of the pump, but only if there are no contraindications to its use, and also according to the instructions.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

You can order a vacuum pump from a specialized online store that sells such products. You should give preference to devices with certificates and other documents confirming the effectiveness and quality of the products. In addition, the prices of the pumps are much lower than in real stores and pharmacies.

You can also buy a pump at a pharmacy, for this the pharmacist does not need a medical prescription. It is better to buy a pump with a special safety valve, as it guarantees a decrease in the risk of pain and trauma to the penis during the procedure.