Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: application and results

One of the most common non-surgical penis enlargement techniques is the vacuum pump.

We remind you that in urology, the penis is considered small if its length is less than 10 cm when erect. Sizes below 8 cm are already pathological. If your penis is longer than 10 cm erect, seriously ask yourself if you really need to enlarge it.

Can a limb be enlarged with a vacuum pump? Yes, vacuum pumps as well as extenders can also effectively lengthen the penis, however, their use can lead to some side effects, which we will discuss towards the end of the article.

How a vacuum pump works

The vacuum pump for penis enlargement works as follows - a rarefied space is created around the penis and the corpora cavernosa are stretched and pumped, which contributes to the circulation of blood in the penis. This improves blood supply and blood circulation inside the penis. The member thus becomes erect.

Unlike expanders, vacuum pumps are effective in various pathological conditions associated with the male external genitalia. Thus, with Peyronie's disease (curvature of the penis) or with inflammatory lesions of the penis, the vacuum improves the microcirculation in the penis and thus, in addition to increasing its size, contributes to a faster restoration of its tissues.

There are two main types of vacuum pumps:

  • air vacuum pumps;
  • Hydropumps.

In the first case, an air outlet space is created around the penis, in the second, the penis is in contact with water, which is also sucked out with a pump, while the tissues of the penis are notnot come into contact with the walls of the balloon.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement photo 1

Contraindications to the use of a vacuum pump

Thus, the use of the device is unacceptable for: painful erection, increased bleeding or when taking anticoagulant drugs, as well as for congenital anomalies of penile development.

Vacuum pump device for penis enlargement

The vacuum pump consists of a cylinder in which the wide-based penis is placed, the dome of the cylinder is equipped with a hole to which a special tube with a pear or pump is attached to create a vacuum insideof the cylinder. It should be noted that vacuum pumps can be with a pear or with a piston pump. A piston pump is able to create a more unloaded space than a pear, so it is worth paying attention to this when buying. The cylinder on the side wall also has a special hole for releasing the vacuum, which is fixed with a finger when the vacuum is forced into the cylinder. In addition, with the vacuum pumps, a special elastic silicone gasket is included, since the pump is placed on the penis in an unerected state and contributes to the tight fixation of the cylinder in the pubic region at the base of the penis.

How to use a vacuum pump

To use a vacuum pump, one must put a silicone ring on the cylinder of the vacuum pump and thread a member through the ring, then press the pump firmly against the pubic skin. To create an airtight space. The hand holding the pump also secures the vacuum release port. Then the man begins to pump the vacuum into the cylinder by pumping air using a pear or a special pump. It is very important to take into account that the vacuum does not need to be applied very quickly in order to avoid mechanical trauma to the tissues of the penis. The vacuum is created gradually, for this the air is pumped out with several squeezes of the bulb, then a five-second pause is made, then the air pumping procedure is repeated.

A discharged space is created until the penis begins to acquire an erect state. In the event that the discharged space in the cylinder causes discomfort, it is possible to let air in by opening the side port of the cylinder, thus reducing the degree of vacuum inside the pump. Before and after using the vacuum pump, it should be rinsed with water and dried.

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The principle of using hydropumps is similar, however, it makes it possible to produce an empty space more quickly without the risk of traumatizing the tissues of the penis. A hydraulic pump is used when showering, for this the cylinder is placed on the penis under water and firmly attached to the base of the penis. Then the water is pumped out of the cylinder cavity, creating a rarefied space around the penis and contributing to its elongation.

Pump penis enlargement technique

The penis enlargement procedure with a vacuum pump should be performed daily for at least six months. The course is similar to an increase with an extender, but the pump is used for a shorter period. You can use the vacuum pump 1 or 2 times a day, but no more than 30 minutes per procedure. The effectiveness of a vacuum pump is almost the same as that of an extender, i. e. it is associated with a risk of injury to the penis if the vacuum is not pumped properly into the penis. cylinder cavity. The use of the pump must be thoughtful and careful!

Pump Results

When using the pump, you can achieve penis enlargement up to 1 cm in 6 months.

Which is better - a vacuum pump or an extender?

pump and extender for penis enlargement

In most cases, it is impossible to give an unambiguous preference to a particular method. Each man individually chooses a method of penis enlargement. If you are not embarrassed to wear an extender for a long time, then the choice in its favor will certainly be the right one, since it allows you to avoid the risk of traumatizing the penis.

For men with diseases of the penis, a vacuum pump is better suited, which improves blood circulation in his tissues and helps reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue healing, but the use of a vacuum pumpempty must be correct! To achieve a stable result, a vacuum pump and various types of extenders should be used for a long time and consistently. Ultimately, the result of using an extender is better than using a vacuum pump. On average, when wearing an extender, it is possible to achieve a lengthening of the penis by 1. 5-3 cm in 6 months, and when using a pump, this result is somewhat lower, up to 1 cm for a similar period of time - but this is achieved by much greater inconvenience in everyday life, t . to. The extender should be fixed on the penis for a long time during the day.

The side effects of a vacuum pump include the appearance of small local hemorrhages on the penis, resulting from the creation of an excessively unloaded space around the penis. Improper use of the vacuum pump can cause bruising and pain in the penis, as well as darkening of its color. All adverse effects can be avoided with proper use of the device.