The essence and principles of the method of penis enlargement without surgery

As you know, most men are interested in the size of such an important organ as the penis, and many would like to enlarge it without risk to health, without resorting to surgical operations and dangerous chemicals. But how is this possible? The fact is that our body has a wonderful property: when a part of the body or an organ is stretched for a long time, its size gradually increases, that is, it actually grows. When the tissue is stretched, a distance is formed between the cells, which the body immediately tries to fill (remember the saying "A holy place is never empty"), the cells begin to divide, their number increases and, therefore, the length and weight of the fabric. Even at the dawn of its development, humanity used this property of the body for its rituals and traditions - in African tribes, lips and ears were enlarged using prosthetics, and in Burmese tribes, we can still find female giraffes who, with metal rings, stretched their necks to incredible lengths. Likewise, during pregnancy, women's abdominal skin becomes distended and stretch marks persist for life.

neck lengthening in African tribe women

History of the invention of the penis extender

In the medical world, the only working methodfor enlargement isPenis surgery has always been considered only as a surgical operation, its essence lies in the section of the ligaments attached to the pubis and anus, holding most of the penis firmly inside the body. After cutting the ligaments, the penis seems to "climb" and thus you can add another 3-4 cm to the original length. But during the postoperative period, the penis must be kept in a stretched state, otherwise the ligaments will gradually tighten and the penis will retract. For operated men, a mechanical device was developed - an extender, the task of which was to stretch the penis for a long time. The extender was successfully used for its intended purpose, but some men began to notice that when wearing the extender for more than a month, the penis began to enlarge and gradually exceed the postoperative size. This effect interested leading urologists of the Italian G. Batista Clinic, and clinical trials and experiments have shown that the extender is capable of enlarging the penis in men who cannot undergo enlargement surgery. Thus, the extender has become an independent simulator for non-surgical penis enlargement and has gained immense popularity all over the world.

history of the invention of the expander

How does penis enlargement with an extender occur?

Let's look at the anatomy of the penis. The main functional unit of the tissues of the penis is the corpus cavernosum, which has the property of significantly filling with blood, thereby increasing in volume and hardening, thereby carrying out the erection process. The shaft of the penis at the end passes into the goloka; between the head and the shaft there is a depression - the coronal groove, and this is precisely the part where the silicone tourniquet of a classic expander is attached. The expander creates tension between the base of the head and the pubis, thereby stretching the shaft of the penis along the vector of its growth. Gaps appear between the cells of the corpus cavernosum, which activates tissue growth processes. When wearing an extender, tissue growth occurs not only in length, but also in width. if in some men there is a discrepancy between thickness and length, then in this case it is recommended to use a hydropump (water pump for the penis), which will stretch the tissues with blood pressure in all directions, which will subsequently stretch significantly increase their volume.

penis enlargement mechanism
When will the result be visible? Penis growth rate.

This is all understandable, you say, but how long do you have to wait for the result? The mechanism of this method is such that to achieve significant results you need to wear the extender for at least 3 to 4 months. The first month will simply stretch the penis and you will notice an increase in length of about 1 cm; If you stop exercising after one month of wearing, a return to the original size is possible. Real penis growth only begins after 1 to 1. 5 months of use. When worn for 4-5 months, the growth rate is approximately 1cm every 1. 5 months. So, after 5 to 6 months, our customers generally get an increase in size of 3. 5 to 4 cm and +2 to 3 cm in circumference. After use, the resulting dimensions will stay with you for life, since the number of cells increases and a reverse decrease is impossible.

degree of penis enlargement

How long can you wear an extender?

Our customers often ask: is it possible to wear an extender for 3-5-12 months or more? Our answer is of course! As much as you want. Of course, the rate of penis growth will not be as rapid as in the first six months, but the increase will nevertheless occur gradually. We know of clients who have enlarged their penis by 5 to 6 centimeters over several years of exercise, even irregularly! Even a surgical operation does not give such a result, but this method has no limits and will allow you to realize your dreams, although of course you will have to spend a lot of effort and time on it, but this is quitepossible.