The ways to enlarge your penis are getting better every day. Their number is increasing not only thanks to the tricks of marketers - more and more men are interested in methods of penis enlargement that will help to change the existing size.

Indeed, since ancient times, the size of the penis has been a reason for their own pride.

Today, many men are interested in real ways to enlarge the penis, since the size standard seems to increase every year. Penis enlargement methods, in most cases, require long and systematic use.

Operation of the funds

methods to increase male penis

A man can choose what is best for enlarging a man's penis, only on the basis of an understanding of the basic principle of the action of the means. The most effective increase in the size of the genital organ is surgery. It is with its help that you can get a guaranteed result.

But this penis enlargement technique has some drawbacks:

  • long payback period;
  • high risk of complications;
  • the complexity of the operation;
  • is ​​quite expensive.

Therefore, when looking for a method to increase a penis, representatives of the stronger sex are much more likely to consider other alternative options.

Effective ways to enlarge the penis can be based on completely different principles of influence. The most commonly used stimulation of blood flow in the tissues of the penis, as well as the stimulation of the growth of the corpora cavernosa. It helps to enlarge the penis by increasing the volume of blood entering it during an erection.

The normal size of the male genital organ ranges from thirteen to eighteen centimeters in length and two to four centimeters in diameter. With a small size of the genital organ, any method of penis enlargement can be used.

An important point!If the size of the erect penis is less than eight centimeters, this is considered a pathology. In this case, you need to consult a doctor to discuss the penis enlargement methods with him and choose the most acceptable one.

Classification of channels

how to enlarge male penis

Techniques that claim to be more capable of enlarging a man's penis than surgery should be treated with caution. These funds usually contain a large number of components that can provoke a violation of natural metabolic processes in the human body, which can lead to the development of pathology.

Some of the ways to enlarge the penis according to the increased blood flow in the genital area include the following:

  • creams and ointments, medicines;
  • vacuum pump;
  • baking soda trays.

Penis enlargement methods that use stretching of the tissues and stimulate the growth of spongy bodies include:

  • carrying an extender;
  • suspended loads;
  • perform specific exercises.

There is also a combined technique of penis enlargement. It is based on a combination of two methods - increasing blood flow to the penis and stimulating stretching of the cavernous bodies. These techniques include:

  • ;
  • jelqing;
  • rub with baking soda.

It should be noted that the most effective way to enlarge the penis is simply surgery. Operations to change the size of manhood can be performed in several ways:

penis enlargement devices
  • lengthening with ligamentotomy;
  • increase in thickness by lipofilling;
  • lengthen and thicken using special silicone implants;
  • change of thickness by implantation of balls;
  • enlargement of the head with silicone injection.

A separate group of ways to increase male dignity is through taking special pills and dietary supplements. They are used in cases where they want to avoid direct influence on the organ itself. Such methods of penis enlargement have a large number of side effects and negative reviews on the application.

Another method of penis lengthening should also be noted - the use of attachments. With their help, you can effectively change the length and width of the penis. There are a large number of attachments that are aimed at stimulating individual areas of the partner, which helps to achieve brighter sensations during intercourse. The main advantage of the clips for changing the size of the male genital organ is the total non-interference with the natural anatomy and physiology of the man.

An important point!The use of penile tips is only allowed for vaginal contact. Using them for oral and anal sex can cause injury.

Methods to stimulate blood circulation

In this category of products are the techniques which help to increase the blood supply to the area of ​​application. When choosing how to increase the term, it is imperative to consider these methods.

They have their own advantages:

  1. Prevention of the formation of stagnant phenomena.The most effective penis enlargement is achieved with good blood supply to the genital area. The use of these funds stimulates blood circulation, which not only nourishes the tissues well, but also leads to an increase in the size of the cut after use. This quick way to enlarge the penis achieves immediate lengthening, but to consolidate the result, it should be used consistently.
  2. Increase the effectiveness of food supplements.With the increase in blood supply to the penile area, the processes of absorption of useful components by the tissues are activated. Often, such an effective penis enlargement method is combined with taking pills or vitamins that help increase size. The result is an increase in the length and thickness of the penis.
  3. Strengthening an erection.This effective penis enlargement helps strengthen erections. Such techniques are recommended for men who have weak or short erections.
  4. Increase the sensitivity.Another aspect that contributes to the enlargement of the penis. With an increase in blood flow, not only the volume of the organ itself increases, but the strength of sensations during intercourse also increases. To achieve such an effect, when choosing the best way to enlarge the penis, you should pay attention to the composition - it should contain extracts of plants that have a local irritant effect.
contraindications for penis enlargement

An important point!Even the most effective special cream for increasing the size of the male penis can cause painful sensations if abused every day. Therefore, one should strictly follow the instructions for use and dosage for use in order to protect yourself from discomfort.

Any technique of enlarging the genital organ by increasing blood flow requires very careful and careful use. First of all, it is better to familiarize yourself with the video (available on the Internet) on methods of penis enlargement. This will help you understand how the funds are used correctly, choose the most suitable one, and protect yourself from fairly common side effects:

  • bruises;
  • darkening of the skin;
  • decreased sensitivity;
  • painful sensations;
  • weakened erection;
  • bruises and bruises.

Methods of stretching fabrics

Choosing how to enlarge male penis, you cannot go around the same direction. This real method helps to stretch the corpora cavernosa, which is filled with blood when fully erected. The result is an increase in the volume of blood contained and, consequently, in the size of the penis.

This method of penis lengthening has its advantages:

  • Gradual stretching. Provides minimal risk of injury and other damage. But with excessive use, this method of increasing penis size can lead to a decrease in the strength of an erection and the appearance of cracks in the skin.
  • ways to enlarge penis
  • This effective penis enlargement helps you save yourself from the constant costs of creams, gels and ointments. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the video, which describes this way of enlarging the penis. But it should be noted that if the methods of such a group are abused, then a change in size can give an uneven result, which will lead to an increase in length, but a decrease in the thickness of the organ.
  • Availability. These simple ways to effectively enlarge your penis can be applied in all conditions and do not require strict adherence to a schedule. An exception in this situation is the extender.

In choosing the most effective way to enlarge your penis, you need to assess your own abilities - only with regular use can you get results fairly quickly.

In other cases, the effect of the application will appear extremely slowly and almost imperceptibly. Therefore, if a man is looking for an easy way to enlarge his penis, he should be aware of the need for consistent use for results.

Combined methods

This category includes resizing products which combine stimulation of blood circulation and growth of penile tissue. Using these funds allows fairly quick results to be achieved.

Their use has a number of advantages:

  • Savings. These penis enlargement techniques do not require any additional cost. All it takes is a little time and patience.
  • Simplicity. Any way to increase the penis of this group is simple to perform and therefore accessible to any man.
  • Manifestation of the effect. This group of methods is distinguished not only by the rapid appearance of results, but also by their consolidation. They can be applied immediately before intercourse to increase the intensity of the sensations, or systematically to achieve a faster effect.

Despite the above benefits, it is far from the most effective penis enlargement, as such techniques carry a high risk of side effects and complications. Using them can get results fairly quickly, but if misused, they can lead to complete erectile dysfunction, loss of sensitivity, and even injury to the penis.

Therefore, before choosing a method to increase the size of your manhood, it is better to read real reviews and videos.

Surgical operations

penis enlargement surgery

The best way to enlarge a limb is through surgery. Despite the high cost of execution, this method is used entirely under medical supervision, which helps to minimize the risk of complications and injuries. With the help of the operation, you can quickly achieve the desired effect, but such an intervention usually has a long recovery period.

In analyzing the methods to best enlarge the penis, you need to assess the type of result that a man is looking for. Despite the abundance of methods of implementation, the wrong choice of the type of intervention can lead to undesirable consequences.

There are several varieties of the best way to enlarge a penis - surgery:

  1. Ligamentotomy.The essence of the intervention is to cut the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone. After the cut, it is removed from the abdominal cavity, which contributes to the enlargement of the penis. It should be noted that such an intervention allows to change the length, but does not affect the volume of virility. To consolidate the results after performing a ligamentotomy, it is necessary to wear an extender for a while - this will help to fix the penis in a certain position. Wearing an expander also prevents the body of the penis from returning to the abdominal cavity - the place where the body of the penis was located is gradually tightened with connective tissue, which helps to consolidate the result.
  2. Lipofilling.This is a procedure for the transfer of fatty tissue from under the skin to the body of the penis. Lipofilling allows you to effectively increase the thickness of the penis and does not cause complications, since your own tissues are used for transplantation. The only drawback of lipofilling is the gradual resorption of fatty tissue during metabolic processes. This leads to the fact that bumps may appear on the penis sometime after such an operation.
  3. Use of implants.Implants compare favorably with lipofilling by the fixed results - the volume and size obtained with their help are preserved for life. But when using implants, despite the use of hypoallergenic medical silicone, there is a possibility of material rejection, which will lead to inflammation and may even cause gangrene.
  4. balls for penis enlargement
  5. Application of balls.Often men are interested in whether there is a way to enlarge the penis, but not completely, but zonal. For this purpose, balls are often used. They are made from a hypoallergenic material and are implanted under the skin of the penis. The result of such an effective intervention is an increase in the sensitivity of the partner, as the balls provide additional stimulation of the internal erogenous zones.

The choice of a way to simply increase the size of manhood is extremely wide. Before using any tool, you should definitely take a look at real reviews so that you understand how easy, fast and safe you can choose.