Penis enlargement exercises

special exercises for penis enlargement

There is a statement that even with a small genitalia you can be awesome in bed. However, it will not give a man confidence, and he is unlikely to be popular among women. Hence, it is better to admit your problem and start solving it.

Today there are many pills, creams, sprays, gels for penis enlargement. But spending money on it is impractical, because all of this is basically just marketing action on the part of the manufacturers and they will not bring any benefit. Therefore, the best and safest way to enlarge your penis is to work out at home. The advantage of these physical exercises is that you don't need to spend any money on it.

It should be noted that modern medical tests have proven the benefits and high effectiveness of these exercises.

How such training is carried out

There are many workouts to lengthen or thicken the penis. Both hands and assistive devices are used, for example, weights, thanks to which you can stretch the penis.

Important!Beginners should not do the exercises for more than 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, the duration can be increased to half an hour per day, but a sharp transition should not be made.

The best time to exercise is in the morning or in the evening. The main thing is regularity and patience. You shouldn't expect instant results, everything comes with time.

Preparation for training

All exercise should begin with a warm-up. In this case, in the truest sense of the word. Water procedures are a necessary part of the training. A hot bath or shower is best, but just soak a piece of cloth in lukewarm water.


To increase the length

The exercise should be done fairly quickly, as the penis should not get cold. He doesn't have to be fully erect, so you should think of something non-exciting.

It is necessary to grab the head or slightly lower and pull it in front of you and hold it in this position for 15 seconds. This is followed by a brief rest. Then you need to pull the penis from the right side, hold it for 15 seconds, then rest a little again, then everything is the same, only on the left side. And so in a circle for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tip:Do not stretch your penis too far, otherwise you may injure yourself. The tension should be felt, not the pain. You can also massage your penis to allow blood flow while you are resting, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

To increase the thickness

Penis training should be done with a partial erection, and also only after lubrication with lubricating gel (lubricant). The genitals should be warm after a bath, shower, or wiping with a damp cloth.

You have to grasp the root of the penis with your thumb and forefinger to form a circle of these fingers. So, you need to massage the penis from root to head for 10-15 minutes. Return to the starting position, then rest a bit and do the same with the other hand.

You can see the result if you exercise every day for several months.

For the foreskin

The penis should be fully erect, it is not necessary to lubricate it.

It is necessary to grasp the base of the penis with one hand and pull the skin towards the head with the other. The skin should be pulled hard enough and held in this position until the erection subsides. Relax, then come back to an erect state and repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

This exercise should be done daily to form a beautiful and thick foreskin.

Penis flexion

To enlarge your penis, you need to do this workout. However, this must be done very carefully, as it can injure the penis.

It is necessary to bend the penis with a 50% erection. You need to wrap your hand around it and turn it in different directions. It is enough to do the exercise for 7 to 10 minutes.

Important!If you experience pain while exercising, stop.


Here you need a simulator with which the penis will be squeezed at the base. You need to get a full erection, then squeeze the organ for a few minutes (2-3 minutes is enough).

This exercise improves blood circulation, increases sensitivity, and speeds up erections. It is best to do the exercise together with others.

Kegel exercise

Exercise will not increase the length or thickness of the penis, but will improve erectile function. Good for the muscles of the penis.

It is necessary to tighten the muscles of the perineum, fix the position for 10 seconds, then relax, take a few breaths and tighten the muscles again. Perform this exercise 2-3 times a day.

In order to understand where these muscles are, you need to hold back the current while urinating. The muscle that has tensed is the one that is involved in the training.

Important!Do not exercise with a full bladder before you need to go to the bathroom.


This exercise has a beneficial effect on male potency, as the penis is well supplied with blood.

Rotate the limb 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise for 30 seconds. You have to repeat this 5 times.

Penis massage

Penis enlargement massage is a type of workout. It improves erectile function and blood flow to the penis.

A full erection should be achieved. In addition, perform movements, as in masturbation. Before you complete the process, you need to squeeze the penis near the head with your fingers, forming a ring. Stay in this position for 5-7 minutes. You should not over tighten the organ, you may injure it.

Post-workout tips:

  1. Do not have sex for 2-3 hours, the body should rest;
  2. Try to get rid of bad habits, they do not improve training;
  3. Avoid stressful situations;
  4. Eat well;
  5. Lead an active lifestyle;
  6. Use small hangers such as weights. They stretch muscle tissue.


The name speaks for itself here. To do this exercise, it is necessary for the penis to achieve a full erection. After that, you need to perform rotational movements with the pelvis. Movements should be alternately in different directions. The exercise lasts about 5 minutes. With regular training, the penis will gradually increase.

Consequences of the exercise

Each exercise has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us underline them.


  1. According to the experiments carried out, 4 months of daily training allowed the participants to enlarge their genitals by 1. 8 cm;
  2. Improves erectile function;
  3. No investment required.


  1. Workouts take a lot of time, because the exercise should be done not one, but in combination;
  2. Incorrect technique can damage the penis;
  3. The result will not be instantaneous, it will take months.


In order for the exercises to bring only visible benefits and results, you just need to follow all the recommendations and instructions.